Ekphrastic Poetry: Homes as Prisons

By Luis Lopez-Maldonado


Homes within homes

Ripe fruit in weaved baskets

On the floor, wooden floors,

Dirty floors, Mexican floors,

Look! Framed faces next to

Jesus covered candles,

A closed green bible

A glass bottle of holy agua

A single hanging light-bulb,

It reminds me of narco hangings,

The way they take innocent people

Off the streets, for no fucking reason,

Slash their throats, & hang them

Like Christmas ornaments

For everyone to see:

What a spectacle! Happy Holidays.

Worlds within worlds

Unmatched chairs facing out

Into the imagined ocean,

Again, Jesùs staring at you

With a bright red bursting heart

Ontop his ribcage, cheap plastic curtains,

Cold café con tequila

Fake orange sunflowers

In the corner of the playground.

It’s hot! Summertime in winter:

The migrating monarcas somewhere

Up in the trees. Do you see?

Fun within nothing

A half-orange room

Shadows tattooed on cement walls,

More framed faces against old

Lace, a calendar with La Virgen de Guadalupe

From some grocery store,

A frozen gay piñata, murdered, dismembered,

Hard candy spilling like guts:

Confetti infested floors,

Grass floors, wet floors,

Honduran floors.

ekphrasis.counterarchivesLuis Lopez-Maldonado recently earned a Master of Arts degree
in Dance from Florida State University. He is currently a first year
candidate for the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the
University of Notre Dame.

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